Customization is Material

At Falcon, we work with clients to make every detail of the design fit the overall concept of their dream home. To create houses our clients can turn into legacies, we make the homeowner’s customization one of our top goals.

We want each house to be as unique as the individuals who call it home, and with that comes a responsibility to continually educate ourselves on the most state-of-the-art design practices and applications. We travel around the country, going to builder shows and design expos, in order to bring the most innovative ideas to the people that call our houses home.


Commitment to Absolute Excellence

Falcon’s craftsmanship demands nothing but the highest level of attention to detail. We take modern homes and build them to our clients’ desired outcome—whether that means a striking contemporary condo, a luxurious vintage dwelling, or anything in between.


From the Ground Up

With degrees in construction management and more than a decade of work and wisdom under their belts, Nate's background provides Falcon Homes with the foundation for building the most immaculate houses on the market today. Just like a home is built from the ground up, Falcon homes start with an amazing team to eventually reach the ultimate goal: complete client satisfaction.